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    FAQ – Managed Print Services

    Common questions about MPS, answered here.
    FAQ – Managed Print Services

    Managed Print Services can be a complex topic for beginners. Here, we explain some of the answers to frequently asked questions to help you to get your head around doubts and questions like what is Managed Print Services, how can it help your company and what’s needed to work with MPS.

    What is Managed Print Services?

    Managed Print Services is a set of services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document solutions and output with the goal of enhancing workflows, increasing productivity and driving efficiency, while reducing downtime.

    How does MPS help improve my overall data security?

    With MPS, your devices are constantly updated in line with the latest available updates. This helps ensure that both data and devices are protected against new security threats.

    What does default print service mean?

    This is the print service provided by the manufacturer of a device and is particularly common in mobile devices. It has very limited functionalities and, as the name suggests, is a basic printing resource.

    What software is needed for MPS?

    Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) and Kyocera Net Manager (KNM) are the principal software solutions required to ensure an optimal MPS. Kyocera Fleet Services helps reduce your operating expenses and downtime. It also makes sure that your devices are constantly upgraded with the latest security updates so that your network remains safe. Kyocera Net Manager provides the essentials to print and scan in a smarter, more efficient manner; while giving users the option to personalize device configurations to better suit their needs.

    What is an MPS assessment and how long does it take?

    For an MPS assessment, one of our representatives will contact you to arrange a visit to your office(s). MPS assessments essentially conduct a SWOT analysis of your printing infrastructure and quickly highlight areas for improvements, while recommending the necessary solutions. These help to optimize your workflows and show areas for improvement, perhaps upgrading devices or bringing more in, or maybe even reducing the number of devices.

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    How can I improve employee efficiency using MPS?

    With MPS, you gain greater control over your entire print infrastructure. Workflows are streamlined so that teams can collaborate quickly and securely. MPS encourages proactiveness, and the ability to identify and address device issues before they happen have a direct, positive impact on uptime and productivity.

    Can MPS be applicable to remote working?

    Yes. Mobility is a core aspect of MPS, and the advantages and features mentioned previously help position MPS as a vital tool for efficient remote working.

    How does MPS help protect the environment?

    The main goal of MPS is to help optimize your use of print and your workflows. By doing so, you save on energy and paper. By highlighting unnecessary paper waste in workflows, MPS helps you print only what you need, thus drastically reducing the amount of paper you print.

    Can I use managed print services if I have a fleet which contains different brands?

    Yes. KFS can monitor non-Kyocera devices, but KNM is limited – MyQ can help with multi-brand environments. However, for an optimum user experience we recommend using Kyocera devices.

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    How much does MPS cost?

    This depends on your office needs and the findings of a full assessment, which is free of charge. For more information regarding pricing, please contact us.

    In the event that one of my printing devices breaks down, how does MPS help me?

    MPS equips your company with a system alert that will notify your service provider and/or IT administrator of any issues that may affect the performance of printing units. If necessary, a technician will come to your office to make any necessary repairs or provide a replacement device.

    What impact will MPS have on my IT department?

    MPS will complement and help strengthen your IT department. It will empower them with the latest technology and relevant data so they are fully equipped to deal with the latest security threats. It also saves them time, as your service provider will take care of printing issues.

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