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    How can MPS save money?

    Managed Print Services saves money by making your printing more efficient

    Even though digital transformation is transforming the way we live and work, paper still plays an essential part of our lives.

    According to Record Nations, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year and 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day.

    Considering the demand for greater efforts in sustainability, as well as the need for organizations to become more efficient and productive, the need for Managed Print Services has never been greater.

    Time, they say, is money. If we don’t have the right tools to make better use of it, it will negatively impact all areas of our work.

    Here’s how Managed Print Services (MPS) can be put to efficient use:

    Preventive maintenance

    One of the most important aspects of Managed Print Services is that it allows providers to have instant, up-to-the-minute information about the entire printer fleet – from malfunctions to a shortage of paper or ink levels. Providers can address potential issues before they even happen, thus reducing the risk of an unwanted surprise. Automatic maintenance is an inherent part of MPS. By staying on top of the performance of the devices and putting stock in their maintenance, the need for costly service calls is reduced, along with frustrating downtime.

    More cost control

    More responsible printing and information transparency are just two of the immediate benefits for those who embrace MPS as part of their culture. MPS provides valuable information about consumables – how much paper is being printed from a certain device or how much toner/ink is being consumed – as well as useful employee print behavior that may help the office administrator learn which employees print more and from which device.

    This leads to greater cost control in that the user then knows exactly where resources must be allocated. Furthermore, the administrator can set print restrictions on paper or ink to further keep a control of the budget. In a nutshell, greater control makes for smarter printing.

    Administrators can also decide which device requires more color ink, depending on demand. On the other hand, from an employee perspective, real information creates greater awareness regarding print jobs, thus reducing print and energy waste.

    Time is money. If we don’t have the right tools, it will negatively impact us.

    Increased security

    As part of the MPS program, print fleets are kept up to date with the latest software configurations, thus ensuring maximum protection against any cyberattacks or data theft attempts.

    With regularly scheduled updates, a safe and secure MPS infrastructure also reduces downtime and keeps workflow processing secure. Data loss or compromised information can cost thousands of dollars to any business; not to mention the reputational damage and the breach of confidentiality that may derive from any attack.

    On-time supplies

    Sufficient levels of supplies are crucial to ensure efficiency and productivity and minimizing downtime. Daily work volumes may dictate when the busy periods are more likely to take place; hence, giving the user the opportunity to anticipate the need for new orders before supplies run out. What MPS does here is to enable a synchronization between the print fleet and the user’s printing needs, so that no time is wasted ordering and waiting – delivery times can be regularly programmed ahead of time to ensure continuity of service.   

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    Save on paper by digitizing

    Managed Print Services is not only a solution for a more efficient document output. It is also a powerful way of securing and digitizing data, so that the user is less dependent on physical documents. MPS – and digitization by extension – helps you save money on supplies and ensures that you pay exactly for what you are going to use.
    Digitization is the essence of Managed Print Services. It contributes to cleaner, less clutter-laden workspaces as processes are streamlined and more process-focused.

    Managed Print Services sets the stage for a more efficient work environment. It allows employees and teams to work better, smarter and with greater control over the resources that are necessary for the daily workflows. With MPS, it is possible to bring sustainability, productivity, and cost-efficiency together, working as one to help businesses better serve their customers.

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