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    Working toward a sustainable world

    Doing what is right as a human being means taking care of our environment for generations to come.
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    Innovation to protect our planet

    Kyocera is committed to pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation. We adhere to the goals of our worldwide Environmental Action Plan in developing office solutions with environmentally friendly and superior energy-and supply-saving features. While striving to maintain a clear vision in pursuing a balance between economic and environmental preservation, our devices are built around our sustainable ECOSYS technology, offering many hardware features and system settings that can dramatically reduce waste without compromising productivity.

    Less waste, long-life, low cost

    Sustainability has been, and always will be, a staple in Kyocera technology. Our ECOSYS printers, introduced in 1992, were the first cartridge-free system for laser printing. Since then, almost all TASKalfa and ECOSYS devices utilize the toner-only system. One particular characteristic is that no drum replacement is necessary when the toner runs out of ink, which means less waste, low cost and long-life.

    Responsibility in the digital era

    At Kyocera, our cutting-edge software solutions enable our customers to digitize and streamline their workflows, in the process vastly decreasing printing volumes. Our innovations not only help businesses boost their productivity, but they also help greatly reduce their carbon footprint, giving way to a more responsible position toward the environment.


    Create a sustainable workplace with the ECO footPrint Toner Recycling Program

    We live in a world that is more aware of how our behavior can and does affect the environment. With Kyocera, we make recycling your used toner a simple process, you just have to place into a box we provide and we'll take care of the rest.



    View and download WEEE reports for any our EPEAT registered product!

    "It is our priority to offer you the finest eco-friendly technology."

    Leadership on sustainable products

    Our Research and Development centers develop products that reduce costs and increase productivity with superior environmental performance.

    • colour pages being retrieved from a Kyocera printer

      Eco-friendly toner

      Our new toner ‘fuses’ on the page and prints at a lower temperature, reducing printer power consumption by up to half.

    • black toner being plugged into a Kyocera printer

      Long-life technology saves resources

      Our long-life components save resources, such as amorphous silicon drums with a lifetime up to 4,800,000 prints, double conventional drums.

    • colleagues discussing coloured printouts

      Toner-only innovation

      We designed the first printers to use a toner-only system, avoiding the need to replace plastic cartridges, reducing environmental impact.

    • black TK-1200 toner next to box on a white background

      Empty toner recycling free for customers

      Our ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program allows you to be sustainable with free collection of empty toner cassettes.

    • black, magenta, yellow and cyan toners stacked on top of one-another

      Eco-friendly packaging wins award

      A new packaging material made of moulded pulp to protect our printer paper feeders during shipment has won a Technical Packaging Award.

    • Equipment Recycling

      Kyocera has partnered with MRM for equipment collection sites in states with recycling regulations.

    Talk to us, we’re human

    Ask a Kyocera expert how we can help deal with your query or provide more information about our commitment to the environment.

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