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    We launched a renewed brand identity in April 2019 which gave us the foundation to implement a clear, long-term plan that will help us to consciously evolve into a more unified, visionary, and customer-centric organization. Given our decision to enter emerging markets in the coming years, our brand transformation is essential to achieve our goal of helping our customers compete in the digital economy.

    Our brand reflects our commitment to continuously evolve into a more unified and customer-centric organization. It reflects our goal of playing a vital role in helping our customers compete in the digital economy. It expresses our growing dedication to helping our clients manage an immense volume of document information, finding insight and gaining agility, to optimize their business operations.


    Put knowledge to work

    The core idea behind Kyocera Document Solutions’ brand identity is “Put knowledge to work.” The brand concept expresses our priority on unifying our global resources in talent and technology to integrate hardware, software and service solutions to help our clients maximize their business potential.

    As it has since its founding, Kyocera places people at the heart of its values and objectives. A comprehensive set of communication tools, including a bold color palette, unique graphic icons and visual gestures in a handwritten style have been created to capture both the human and technological resources that come together to yield excellence in the design of total document solutions.

    Kyocera's brand identity

    Discover what defines us, as an organization and as people.

    • Kyocera's brand platform

      Brand Platform

      Our brand platform reflects our role in helping clients to capture the opportunities of the world’s digital economy.

    • Kyocera's brand idea

      Brand Idea

      The core idea behind our brand identity is to help organizations put knowledge to work to drive change.

    • Kyocera's visual identity

      Visual Identity

      A comprehensive set of communication tools, including a color palette, unique graphic icons and visual gestures have been created.

    Understanding our visual identity

    Every asset in our visual identity plays an important role for the brand, and using them in the correct manner guarantees consistency and unity for an enhanced user experience on a global scale.


    Base pattern

    The base pattern grid is a key component of our identity, appearing on all print and digital media. This visual asset represents the omnipresence of the information that is captured and managed by organizations all over the world. All of the other assets are designed to integrate perfectly within the base pattern.

    Kyocera Pattern
    Kyocera grid

    Color palette

    Our revamped color palette consists of a primary palette — to complement the classic Kyocera Red — and a colorful secondary palette. The supporting palette has been created to add depth to our visual expression and function as a highlighting tool.

    Dark Grey
    Dark Grey
    Light Grey
    Light Grey

    Our typography

    The Kyocera Document Solutions typography includes two typefaces: GT Eesti Pro for Latin alphabets and Noto Sans for non-Latin alphabets. We selected these fonts for their modern feel and typographic similarities. Ultimately, we want to ensure our communications are consistent in every language, creating a powerful and unified voice across all of our markets around the globe.

    Kyocera Typography

    Hand-drawn gestures

    Gestures are one of the most innovative additions to our brand. They are a powerful element designed to be used in combination with the rest of our assets. These gestures are hand drawn to give our communications a final human touch and reflect our sincere desire to make a positive contribution to people’s lives.


    Symbol gestures are a figurative style which use existing symbology.


    To lead the viewers eye or direct toward a message or content.


    To emphasize or help identify a message or specific piece.


    A pictorial style for more emotive messaging.


    Icon set

    We have developed a library of icons that are unique to the company. Each one is inspired by characteristics of our brand. They are meant to be used as shorthand for specific technology, for example cloud solutions, or as elements within information design.

    .Press Release

    Press Release - Kyocera Document Solutions refreshes its global brand identity

    Read about how we launched our brand identity in April 2019, preparing Kyocera Document Solutions for a brighter future with a range of assets and values which define who we are as we innovate to grow within the document solutions industry.

    Talk to us, we're human

    Our support team are here to help you with any questions about Kyocera products and services.

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