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    Automation makes for smarter Finance and Accounting

    Automation is the key to helping financial professionals elevate their productivity to new heights.

    Through the automation of processes, financial professionals spend less time on tedious administrative tasks such as searching for documentation or inputting data. By minimizing manual tasks, companies are able to vastly boost productivity and create greater value for their customers while drastically reducing manual errors. The digitalization of files, alongside tools which allow for the rapid printing, scanning and sharing of documents provides businesses with a platform to drive productivity.


    Find the files you want, when you need them.

    Scanning & sharing
    Scanning & sharing

    Digitized documents allow for quick and secure sharing.


    Paper-less processes mean reduced costs and less waste.

    Guest printing
    Guest printing

    Devices can be configured to allow guests to print and scan securely.


    Digitize paper spreadsheets with DMConnect. Firms can now scan to Microsoft Excel then manipulate data without manually recreating the entire sheet from zero. With DMConnect users can browse, choose their specific client folder and name a document prior to scanning. This eliminates the need to “finish scanning” at your computer.

    DMConnect allows users to utilize 1D and 2D barcodes to automatically index and store documents. Moreover, Form Recognition allows us to automatically extract data from documents for routing, naming and storing. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to IRS forms which can be quickly processed.

    Workflow scanning facilitates consistently repeatable processes no matter who performs the scan, while staff are able to scan and receive output in Microsoft Office formats for simplified editing.


    ShareBase provides a secure space to upload and exchange financial records without having to send via email. Firms and clients can collaborate in real time on files (i.e. Excel spreadsheets) for optimal collaboration, which is particularly useful when audits come in and time is limited so it's all hands on deck to process the information as quickly as possible.

    Users enjoy unlimited off-site, cloud storage for critical records while access permissions are issued by account administrator, ensuring highest level of compliance and security. This helps to ensure that data can be shared with all required users without risking the security of this data.

    ShareBase is the ideal solution for this by allowing you to provide specific access rights according to users in order to ensure that only the trusted team of experts can access your data.

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    Control cost & Guest Printing

    MyQ facilitates project accounting which allows firms to bill-back clients for actual copies, prints, faxes and scans, as opposed to the standard “doc fee.” Its Print&Follow Job Release allows you to walk up to any applicable printer and release the desired job.

    Guest Printing

    With MyQ, visitors have ability to print jobs without joining private company Wi-Fi while preventing someone  from inserting a potentially infected USB key into corporate PC. By going the extra mile, MyQ ensure your devices and print jobs remain fully protected. Particularly in accounting, this is crucial as guests often attend the organization or department for meetings without all of the required documentation. Allowing them to print in-situ without making your data and documentation vulnerable is a challenge that must be overcome.

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