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    Striking the Right Balance Between Enterprise Mobility and Security

    What used to be enough to protect our data is no longer sufficient as new challenges emerge.
    Striking the Right Balance Between Enterprise Mobility and Security

    One of the direct consequences of globalization has been the rapid progression of the digital era and how it has left an indelible mark on the way we conduct business.

    Today’s companies have realized the need to become more robust and more agile, and this has seen the focus shift towards data security.

    As mobility increases so too does the volume and complexity of cyberthreats. Today’s companies have realized the need to become more robust and more agile, and this has seen the focus shift towards data security. As mobility increases so too does the volume and complexity of cyberthreats.

    Why mobility matters

    That’s why, given the dynamic nature of modern technology, IT solutions must be both robust and adaptable. They simply have to incorporate the best data protection to our multi-functional devices, while it also helps promote collaboration and increase efficiency and productivity.

    “Kyocera: Major Player in the Modern Age of Document Security”, our new eBook, is further proof that the leading printing and document solutions company has taken center stage in the debate on how security and IT solutions must be intertwined in order to provide a more streamlined workflow for an organization’s mobile daily processes.

    As the eBook reflects, “Convenience is a requisite in today’s fast-paced business world and companies now demand a one-stop-shop service. Security solutions is no different.”

    A comprehensive, holistic strategy is the key to sustainable success.

    IT Security in a more digitally complex world

    We live in a more globalized world than ever before; with business units stationed in different cities (sometimes in other continents) and it is crucial to create IT solutions that provide maximum efficiency in the workflow process while ensuring top document and data protection and productivity for employees.

    This is particularly applicable to the current post-COVID scenario, in which many employees across the world have been forced to work from their homes and the number of connection points to company- shared databases has increased dramatically.

    This calls for a more agile way of going about carrying out tasks and sending commands to our devices. As the book states, without a solid yet flexible approach to data and systems protection, “growth plans are essentially built on sand foundations.”

    The crux of the matter is that the more technology advances, the more layers of complexity are added to the challenges and threats we face every day. Therefore, it is no longer enough to rely on an IT department to help us confront such challenges.

    Businesses must set about creating an environment in which the highest security IT is already embedded in our devices. The greater the mobility the higher the expectation to carry out tasks seamlessly with reduced waiting times.

    Being able to maintain the dynamic flow of our work routine while keeping our data secured is probably our biggest task, and how we adapt to the changing threats and vulnerabilities facing us will prove to be decisive in how successful our organizations are in the years ahead.

    Those who fail to invest in innovation and continuous research and development will be left behind. For many they won’t get a second chance to get it right. Everything is, therefore, interlinked – innovation leads to mobility, and mobility demands top security intelligence to guarantee the safety of all workflow processes.

    Being able to guarantee that mobile security demands not only top-performing technology but perfectly integrated IT Solutions, conceived for intuitive and programmable tasks. People, processes and technology must come together to truly build a system which is productive, affording full mobility, but secure, to protect crucial data.

    There is nothing more empowering than information and this is particularly true in the digital age. Kyocera’s work in the field of security has been recognized by IDC and the consistent refinement of their products in that area have helped business leaders from all sectors get a closer look at the work Kyocera has developed as a trusted security advisor for companies all over the world.

    Finding the right balance between enterprise mobility and security requires a new approach; what was sufficient to protect our data yesterday will quickly become exposed by new, more complex threats unless companies change how they think about security. A comprehensive, holistic strategy is the key to sustainable success.

    “Kyocera: Major Player in the Modern Age of Document Security’’, Kyocera’s new eBook, documents the company’s contribution designing customer-focused technology that helps streamline work processes while helping make the workspace a more secure place.

    You can download it below.

    Your guide to securing what’s most valuable

    Your guide to securing what’s most valuable

    To get your free copy of our security eBook, click here.

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